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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its time again to celebrate the greatness that is Angel "Lola" Luv's amazing behind. Here are some Great Lola Luv Pics that will show exactly how awesome a booty can be.

There have been some strange rumors flying around that Lola Luv has has augmentation or surgery to increase her curves and the overall shape of her magical lady hump. I don't and will never believe this slander. This woman has a hot butt, and that's is. If all these other hip hop chick haters or jealous b-otches can't handle the competition, you best move on to auto shows or Wheel of Fortune tryouts, cause you just got served.

Some people think that Vida Guerra has had butt implants. I don't believe it. If you want to take a look and compare, Click Here

I don't think that there is anyway possible that Ms. Fershgenet has had butt implants. Just look at this pic. Such a creamy smoothness and awesome firmness to that badonka. If you started an ice cube sliding down her neck, by the time it got to the middle of that booty, it would be steam...

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